In 1998 the “first stone” of a new hospital has been laid in the volcanic island of Cape Verde, Fogo. The project was made and sponsored by the AMSES onlus. The building grew slowly up and in 2004 the medical activity began. Up to that time, no surgical assistance had been guaranteed to about 30000 inhabitants in Fogo with
a lot of avoidable sufferings and deaths. At the beginning of 2009, I was thinking about my life, my job, my family, all my good luck. It
was snowing outside and nobody was around. I turned on my computer looking for exotic and hot countries on internet. Casually I found a web page depicting the San Francesco d’Assisi hospital in
Fogo, its activity and the need of voluntary medical doctors.
After reading each word written on the Web, I sent an e-mail to them.
In September I was in Fiumicino airport leaving for Cape Verde with my sweet (pregnant) wife Sara who is a nurse.
The day after we arrived in Fogo; the director Daniela, some doctors from Italy, Cuba and other islands of Cape Verde were waiting for us. We stayed there for about three weeks, working hard
night and day, eating togheter and sleeping in a room leaned on a rocky wall looking forward open Atlantic ocean. Everyday at eight o’clock, patients came to my ambulatory for medical visits and
ultrasound scans. During the night hospital was opened to emergency operations and deliveries. It was not easy because of the language and the absence of everything I considered “routinary”
till that time. With the help of the nurses from Cape Verde who had learnt some Italian words, the courtesy of people, the power of sun and the streaming flavour of exotic fruits, each day became a
wonderful experience. At the end, I felt like I received much more than I had given to those people and that country.

Vittorio Giuliano
Dirigente Medico di Gastroenterologia,
Ospedale Santa Maria della Misericordia, Perugia