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Back again in Africa Sergio Sepioni, surgeon volunteer Cri, who has participated in several experiences abroad and is now ready to return to Burkina Faso participating in the initiative of “The Commitment non-profit organization” chaired by the doctor from Gubbio Luigi Panata for years engaged in humanitarian missions.

“The area of West Africa, now is not the most appropriate for a humanitarian mission, Ebola is present in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria that are right next to Burkina, currently still spared from infection” – tells Sergio Sepioni, explaining how the departure was postponed from before Christmas next Sunday 18 January. “The program includes at least one hundred interventions of ophthalmology that – says the same Sepioni – will be performed by Dr Sbordone. head of the hospital of Citta ‘di Castello-Gubbio-Gualdo and Sandro Sbordone doctor of the University of Naples, along with two optical technichians Salciarini Gabriele and Simone Cecchini, capable staff, with Luigi Panata medical director, skilled after years of Africa programs on isolation of infections. “Last year it was created a optometric clinic to measure and view a complete laboratory for fitting of eyeglasses.

For Sergio Sepioni already surgeon at Calai, look at measures of “old and new surgery”, but above all an experience as a nIMG_2518utritionist for the development of diets for malnourished children from 6 months to 2 years. This is also based on the experience already had in Burkina Faso. The scenario that awaits doctors Commitment is not easy. “The inhabitants of Burkina live in absolute poverty, with an income of $ 530 per capita per year, amounting to little more than a dollar a day – continues the same Sepioni that also speaks of another initiative. In fact, in a poor water, this year Commitment inaugurate a well to 3,000 people, Tantaogo, the result of sensitivity and good heart of Gubbio and Gualdo. Donate a well is then giving life. “

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