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A third of migrants received in Italy, excluding minors, is distributed in two regions: Sicily and Lazio, which host respectively 22% and 12% of the 73,883 total. The Veneto, however, is among the major regions of the North hosting fewer people, with 4%, while those with less migrants is the Valle d’Aosta, which is home to only 62, 0%.

The percentage is calculated based on the relationship between immigrants and population. The data is updated to May 6 and is contained in a table of the Interior Ministry where there is a breakdown by region of migrants in Cara centers for asylum seekers, in Sprar, the reception system for refugees, and temporary structures .


Hundreds of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean this month, amid a surge in overcrowded boats heading for Europe from Libya.

The flow of desperate migrants from North Africa hoping to reach Europe is already much higher than in the same period last year.

Italy is on the frontline and has urged its EU partners to do more to help.

At an emergency summit on 23 April EU leaders pledged to beef up the bloc’s maritime patrols in the Mediterranean, disrupt people trafficking networks and capture and destroy boats before migrants board them.

However, any military action would have to conform with international law. The chaos in war-torn Libya remains a huge problem.

Championing the rights of poor migrants is difficult as the economic climate is still gloomy, many Europeans are unemployed and wary of foreign workers, and EU countries are divided over how to share the refugee burden.

Supporting the initiative of Dr. Nzepa under patronage of the Red Cross

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Back again in Africa Sergio Sepioni, surgeon volunteer Cri, who has participated in several experiences abroad and is now ready to return to Burkina Faso participating in the initiative of “The Commitment non-profit organization” chaired by the doctor from Gubbio Luigi Panata for years engaged in humanitarian missions.

“The area of West Africa, now is not the most appropriate for a humanitarian mission, Ebola is present in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria that are right next to Burkina, currently still spared from infection” – tells Sergio Sepioni, explaining how the departure was postponed from before Christmas next Sunday 18 January. “The program includes at least one hundred interventions of ophthalmology that – says the same Sepioni – will be performed by Dr Sbordone. head of the hospital of Citta ‘di Castello-Gubbio-Gualdo and Sandro Sbordone doctor of the University of Naples, along with two optical technichians Salciarini Gabriele and Simone Cecchini, capable staff, with Luigi Panata medical director, skilled after years of Africa programs on isolation of infections. “Last year it was created a optometric clinic to measure and view a complete laboratory for fitting of eyeglasses.

For Sergio Sepioni already surgeon at Calai, look at measures of “old and new surgery”, but above all an experience as a nIMG_2518utritionist for the development of diets for malnourished children from 6 months to 2 years. This is also based on the experience already had in Burkina Faso. The scenario that awaits doctors Commitment is not easy. “The inhabitants of Burkina live in absolute poverty, with an income of $ 530 per capita per year, amounting to little more than a dollar a day – continues the same Sepioni that also speaks of another initiative. In fact, in a poor water, this year Commitment inaugurate a well to 3,000 people, Tantaogo, the result of sensitivity and good heart of Gubbio and Gualdo. Donate a well is then giving life. “

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Developing Medicine “as partner” at the FELCOS booth

From October 3 to 5, at the exhibition Umbriafiere of Bastia Umbra (PG), the first edition of the fair in central Italy, a market of the Italian productive excellence “green

Well-being and sustainability. 10 thematic areas, over 170 exhibitors and more than 200 free events, here are the numbers of FA LA COSA GIUSTA do the right thing! Umbria

the most important event dedicated to consumer awareness and sustainable lifestyles

10 exhibition areas, more than 170 booths and more than 200 free events including cultural events, seminars, demonstrations and workshops. And then a program of initiatives developed specifically for schools, and at the center of the exhibition market green with sustainable companies in central Italy (and not only).

festa passignano

festa passignano +39 3476668876

The Association Ramus Oleae administered by immigrants for immigrants, a partner of small farmers, volunteers and organizations, offers them the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for a successful integration in the area of Perugia. A series of programs will give support to refugees who would otherwise be without a job and marginalized by society.
The programs consist of:
Basic course in Italian language focused on work and job search strategies
• Training refunded in the care and maintenance of trees in collaboration with local farmers
• Opportunity to work within our network of farmers and producers in the agricultural sector
Cultural Mediation
Awakening awareness and intercultural awareness through workshops with the Umbra Institute
• Support medical, psychological and legal free or low cost offered by our network of volunteers

In addition, the organization plans to launch a social brand of olive oil, certified as organic and DOP. The programs listed above can be financed with the help of collateral, sponsorships from companies and individual donations.

In partnership with family-owned farms in the nature reserve of Lake Trasimeno, we hope to restore and give back to the production multitude of abandoned olive trees in the area. By doing this, we will try to give a new life to the production of crafts, the local economy, heritage and landscape.

Developing a sustainable model, educational and economic non-governmental, easily repeatable throughout the country, Ramus Oleae aims to reduce racism and to increase solidarity between refugees and the native Italian population.

EU and migration

In this three-part special edition of Perspectives we look at Europe’s recurring summer migrant tragedy; the other side of the immigration debate that causes such division in Europe.

Soon the number of migrants italy has plucked from the cruel seas this year will go past 100,000. The annual trickle has become a flood of boats with Libya descending into chaos. This is where 90 percent of this summer’s north African exodus comes from.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the spread of Ebola in West Africa an international health emergency.WHO officials said a coordinated international response was essential to stop and reverse the spread of the virus.The announcement came after experts convened a two-day emergency meeting in Switzerland.So far more than 930 people have died from Ebola in West Africa this year.The United Nations health agency said the outbreak was an “extraordinary event”.”The possible consequences of further international spread are particularly serious in view of the virulence of the virus, the intensive community and health facility transmission patterns, and the weak health systems in the currently affected and most at-risk countries,” it said in a statement.TAG:WHO: Ebola ‘an international emergency’Ebola outbreak in West Africa global emergency – CNN.comWHO declares Ebola outbreak an international public health ..WHO declares Ebola epidemic a global emergency – YahoWHO: Ebola an international health emergency | News24Ebola outbreak ‘international public health emergency’Ebola epidemic international health emergency – ITV.comEbola Outbreak Is International Public Health EmergencyWHO: Ebola Is Now An International Health Emergency ..WHO: Ebola outbreak is an international health emergency …BBC News – WHO: Ebola ‘an international emergency’Ebola is international health emergency – WMUR.comWHO: Ebola Outbreak is a Public Health EmergencyWHO: Ebola an international health emergency – Al ArabiWHO says Ebola outbreak is public health emergencyWHO: Ebola outbreak in West Africa is an international ..Ebola Outbreak 2014: WHO Could Declare Emergency of …Ebola Outbreak ‘International Public Health Emergency’Expert Panel to Consult on Ebola – NYTimes.comWHO starts emergency talks on Ebola – BBC.comSearch ResultsEbola outbreak now international emergency: WHOWHO declares Ebola epidemic an international health …Ebola: UN health agency to convene emergency meeting on Ebola crisis: WHO decides whether to declare international …Ebola an ‘international health emergency’ – Al JazeeraWorld Health Organization Says Ebola Outbreak “Wasn’t ..WHO: Ebola outbreak is a public health emergencyWHO: Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency …WHO | Ebola virus disease update – West AfricaWhat Happens if the WHO Declares Ebola an ‘Emergency of .WHO: Ebola Is Now An International Health Emergency .Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency – Wfie.comWHO: Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency – NewsEbola an international health emergency – Euro Asia NewsWHO declares Ebola epidemic an international healthEbola outbreak is a public health emergency – WSFA 12 NewsEbola outbreak is a public health emergency – The Fresno BeeEbola outbreak is international public health emergencyEbola outbreak is a public health emergency – WNCN.comEbola outbreak is a public health emergency – Times UnionEbola Outbreak Is a Public Health Emergency – 6ABC.comWHO: Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency – KPTV ..Ebola ‘an international emergency’ | Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency – World ..Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency – The TribuneWHO: Ebola outbreak is a public health emergency – WBRCEbola outbreak is a public health emergency.

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